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    Red face Unanswered: Linked Tables - disk or network error

    Hi, I have a problem.

    I am working on an Application with a MS Access 2003 front end which links to my Sql Server 2000 back end.
    I am working on a PC with Windows Vista as the OS. And using a ODBC system DSN which links to the remote SQL Server, there are a few forms and queries as well as 2 Linked Tables created using the Linked Table Manager.

    Everything is working fine and dandy on my pc.

    When I installed it on the clients PC ( Office XP - MS Access 2003). I set up a new System DSN for him. Copied the MDB file, used the Linked Table Manager to hook things up.

    Everything worked fine for a few days, and then he informed me that he keeps on getting a “Disk or Network Error" - the database shows error in all the form fields and occasionally when opening a form the entire database will shut down.

    I don't understand why it is working fine for me on my PC but not for him.

    I checked his Internet connection. He has Verizon Wireless and it is not a strong connection. I am wondering if that may be the problem. I had him move his router right next to his PC and that seemed to fix the problem for awhile.
    However, he just notified me that the problem just occurred again. I still wonder if the problem is his internet connection and I wanted to know if anyone else has experienced a similar problem.

    Any ideas or help would very much be appreciated as I am at my wits end.


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    I had a simlar problem working on a front end located on our LAN server, at odd times when importing large tables or working on designing forms. On odd occasions there would a slight hiccup in the network e.g. the connection to the server would be disconnected for less than a second and I was not aware of the disconnection until I closed the database then reopened it later on. The message displayed was the same as your error.

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    The internet connection is almost certainly causing the error. I have to say, though, that I wouldn't use the same method to grant access to a database over the internet.

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    I've had the infamous Disk or Network error (even when I'm working on a database on my C: drive.) It seems to be a generic error for not just losing a network connection but also for a few other things. Some of the things I've found which seem to have been a factor when I got it:
    1. Using reserved words for field names (i.e. I called a field Language once and once I designed a report using that field - Disk or Network error.)
    2. Trying to utilize an activeX control and doing something the activeX control doesn't like.
    3. Loss of Network connection.

    One thing though is that once I got the Disk or Network error, I couldn't seem to get rid of it and usually needed to go to a backup copy (unless it was due to a loss of connection). For example, I added the Microsoft Web Browser activeX control to a form, played around with resizing it, and put some code in against it. After tweaking it with different things code-wise, I then started getting the Disk or Network error (with no rhyme or reason on anything I did). I deleted the entire form but still got the Disk or Network error whenever I Debug-Compiled. No matter what I did, I got the Disk or Network error. I even imported all the objects into a new mdb and still got the error (again, this was on a c: drive version where only I was working on the mdb).

    The one thing I haven't tried (usually because I make backups every day and every time I get into the code so it's easier to just use the backup) but you can open the mdb using the /decompile option. This is noted to solve the problem depending on the cause.

    Your specific error is most likely network related since it works on 1 computer and not another but I just wanted to relate that this is not always the case for this error.
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