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    Question Unanswered: migrate 32 to 64 bits.

    Hi Gurus,

    Currently i am using IDS 940 UC7 32 bits, I need migrate 940 UC7 64 bits. ¿ What step will be to do for this activity? and where look information fot this process.

    Thank you for you help.

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    Hi Georgipa,

    You need install IDS for 64 bits, then run dbexport from 32 bits and dbimport in 64 bits.
    If you have 4GL, then recompile thise.

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    If the IDS for 64bit will run on the same box of the 32bits, you don't need export the database.
    Just install on differ path, copy onconfig/sqlhosts, stop 32bits and start the instance on 64bits...
    This works very well and fast! I already do that.. .but i migrate from IDS 7.31 32bits to 7.31 64bits.
    More information: read the Migration Guide...

    About 4GL, be careful!!!! if you use Shared memory (onshmipc) the client MUST be 64bits too!! if you won't recompile your 4gl or you don't have the 4GL 64bits , you can change the connection to PIPE Stream (onipcstr) or TCP/IP (onsoctcp) without recompile your programs....
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