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    Unanswered: Another TNSNames.Ora question

    I began by searching through several posts about the usage and location of the tnsnames.ora file but haven't found the exact issue that we are having.

    Currently this file in our setup is located C:\Program Files\Tnsnames\TnsNames.ora

    For a certain access databases we had to add a new entry to this file for the odbc connection to work properly. We add the entry and the access database connects fine.

    The problem is the new entry in the tnsnames.ora file seems to be reset either daily or by some event. It is an easy fix of course. We just go back and add the entry each time.

    My question is how to control that file so that the entry is permanent.

    Jason Lee

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    Oracle will not change your tnsnames.ora, so there must be some automatic installation or update installed in your system.
    You will need to ask your Administrator if that is the case. This is definitely not an Oracle problem

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    Thanks for the reply. I wanted to make sure we did everything we needed to on our side before forwarding the issue on to the Admin. I'm sure that will solve the issue.

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