On SQL2000 SP3a SE

Anyone ever have an issue with using a query that references an object via a linked server causing a hung opentran on the remote server's tempdb ? I'm not sure if the query is via 4 part qualifier or OPENQUERY. Is this a knownproblem, and if so, is there a setting to resolve this

i.e. on remote (linked server to another SQL2000 Host).

DBCC OPENTRAN yields (almost 1 hr old)

Transaction information for database 'tempdb'.

Oldest active transaction:
SPID (server process ID) : 54
UID (user ID) : 1
Name : DTCXact
LSN : (35:132752:246)
Start time : Nov 7 2007 10:00:20:187AM
DBCC execution completed. If DBCC printed error messages, contact your system administrator.