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    Unanswered: Sort of file structure front end

    Hi to all,

    Basically, i have quite an organised file structure to how i hold all the data i use at work, but im constantly being asked by my boss where everything is.

    What i want to create is a sort of small gui interface with links to all files/folders that i hold on my network space (LAN).

    What im asking for is what you think the best options for me to use would be, im getting better at excel and am also fine with using php and was just wondering about the pros and cons of doing it in either of the 2. So was more here to ask whether you think excel would be up to the job in hand.

    Thanks for reading

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    Aren't bosses grand....No excel isn't going to help with this and neither is PHP. I assume you and your boss have a shared drive on a network??? If so here is an example.

    share drive (X)
    Folder(company name _ your name)
    Folder(project 1) (Note: you can have other folders too)
    Files (stuff)
    Folder(project 2)
    Files (stuff)
    Folder(sub part x)
    Files (stuff)

    Do you see where I am going with my naming schema? Might be a good Idea to talk to your boss about a naming schema that both of you agree on. sometimes one might think one file goes in folder project 1 while the other thinks it goes in folder project 1 sub folder x. I always start with a master folder

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