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    Unanswered: mde access file: locked options..

    I am working on an mde access file. After setting up a form as a startup screen for the database, all except -File, Window, Help- menus have disappeared. Moreover all right click menus are disabled... The only way to use the options is by adding menu items manually... The Access 2003 is installed on the pc. Also, any other database works fine except this one... The same problem with this database appears on any other pc...
    Any ideas?

    thank you,
    Dimitris from Athens, Greece

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    There is a good chance that somewhere in the code there is a function or procedure that is hiding or "closing" those menus

    when this happens - if you open access to a non-msde - are the menus still going away? If so that is definitely the reason.

    I have code for a few clients that does exactly that - downfall is that it holds those settings to another database until as you said - you add them again
    Dale Houston, TX

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