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    Unanswered: Wordwrapping textbox in report??

    Hi all

    I'm having some problems with one of my reports.

    It's a nice, simple, straightforward report with a couple of basic grouping headers and textboxes sourced from queries. Nothing fancy happening.

    There are five memo fields sourced from the query (in turn sourced from a table) that contain respective paragraphs for students' subject comments. Trouble is that, no matter how wide I make the comment boxes in the report (and they stretch right across the entire standard report size page), I can't get the text to wrap down to the next line - there's always some text disappearing off to the right. I've set the Can Shrink / Can Grow properties to yes.

    Is there a (simple) way to fix this or is it going to require a lot of work?

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    It should be wrapping the text automatically (especially if the Can Grow is set to true). Have you played with the font size and see if that helps? If you upload it, it would be fairly simple to diagnose what's going on. I'm wondering if there isn't something else going on. Have you also tried creating a new report using the wizard?

    Try also putting just 1 memo field on a report and remove the others and see if that grows. I'm wondering if somehow having all the memo fields in 1 row is messing up the can grow or text formatting. I've seen something like this before where placement of the fields can make a difference.
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