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Thread: Doubt About ISA

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    Unanswered: Doubt About ISA


    I'v a informix server 9.4 installed.

    I'd like to install the IBM Informix Server Administrator, Version 1.50.UC2, to control and monitore my database.

    My doubt is about the install..

    IBM Informix Unix Bundle Installer

    Installation Requirements:
    - A user "informix" and a group "informix" must be known to the system.
    - This installation procedure must be run by user root.
    - Approximately 770 MB disk space required initially.
    - Approximately 500 MB disk space if everything is installed (50 MB
    for ISA, 25 MB for either version of JDBC).

    0) All Products listed below
    1) IBM Informix Dynamic Server 9.40
    2) IBM Informix IConnect
    3) IBM Informix JDBC version 2.21
    4) IBM Informix Server Administrator
    5) Configure a Demo IDS Server (requires IDS)

    If I to select the option 4, my install database informix will be reseted ? (the configurations ?)

    It's danger I install ISA on my database ?



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    Dont worry, installing ISA will not affect your informix database. Unless you configure it, connect to the database and change something

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