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    Unanswered: Backend of Database Locked and I dont know why

    I have an Access 2003 Database backend, that got a corrupted record yesterday. We tried deleting the record (would crash every time you tried), tried rebuilding and it would crash.
    Finally I imported all of the tables out into a new database, and now the new database is fine except it imported a blank table for the one with the corrupted record, and the old database is locked like exclusive mode, you can not right click on any of the tables and change properties or add any new records.

    I need help. Thanks !

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    My first impression, if it's a relational database, would be to run some unmatched queries and look for orphaned records which may have somehow broken any relationships set up.
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    I think you were right, I found a corrupted record. Once I got it out and rebuilt, seems everything is fine.

    Thanks !

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    I usually find that

    A Compact and Repair will remove the corrupted record. If that doesn't work, I have copied the table structure, and then copied and pasted all records above and below the corrupted record into that new table and then delete the old corrupted table.

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