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    Unanswered: PHP, ADODB, SQL Server, Stored Proc question


    I'm on php 4.4.7
    using ADODB V4.96
    and SQL Server EE v.9.00.1399.06

    So I wrote a stored procedure yesterday that returns exactly what I want. I am able to query the same database doing simple SELECTS against tables. When I attempt to execute the SP, I get no errors, but, I also don't get a recordset back.

    My most recent feeble attempt consists of:

    PHP Code:
    $sql "EXEC dbo.DoSearch '" $searchwords "'";
    $result $db->Execute($sql);
    I suppose I've drifted off course. Any nudges in the proper direction are highly appreciated. Thanks.

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    I imagine the following line :

    $result = $db->Execute($sql);

    DOESN'T produce a valid result. You probably have another function like $db->fetch_row() or something to do. $result might well be a database handle.

    Also, does Adodb support stored procs in php 4.4.7 ? I've not worked with it before so I can't be sure but something to check.

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