Description: Oracle DBA all inclusive $65 per hour
Candidate’s Role and Responsibilities: He would be reporting to the project manager and would be interacting with the project manager, help desk and other vendors to get all pre-requisites of the ISR met, before starting the implementation process. OS would be loaded by server build engineers and he would then have install associated database applications like Oracle or SQL as mentioned in the ISR, configure it and fine tune them so that it meets customers requirement and then release it to the customer for use. He would also have to work with customer in helping them in setting up the application to talk with the database and troubleshoot any other issue that may come up during implementation phase. He would be part of a 2 member Onsite Implementation team.

• He should be a US Citizen or a Green Card Holder.
• He should possess sound knowledge on Database Concepts.
• Should have working experience in installations and configurations of Oracle 8/9/10g and SQL 2000 / 2005.
• Should be able to install and configure Oracle and SQL client versions.
• He should have experience in scripted installations, remote installations for Oracle and SQL.
• He should be able to Install Oracle and SQL Patch sets
• Should have worked on Upgrading Oracle and SQL versions and rollback strategies for failure upgrade(s).
• Should have worked on database configurations, securities, and Backup strategies.
• Migrating / Moving DB instances from one DB instance to either newly installed database or already configured database.
• Configuring database instances for third party applications.
• Knowledge on HA Servers

Rate: Open, Job Type: Contract, Duration: 3-6 Months, Number Of Openings: 1, Location: Tempe, AZ