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    Unanswered: {Select [column] from [table] nolock where... } - Dont work!!


    I want do a query selecting from system catalog like this:

    SELECT [alias1].[column] FROM [table1] AS [alias1], [table2] AS [alias2] WITH (NOLOCK) WHERE [alias1].[column] = '%'....

    ...but it give a syntax error from 'with' or, if a try this...:

    SELECT [alias1].[column] FROM [table1] AS [alias1], [table2] AS [alias2] NOLOCK WHERE [alias1].[column] = '%'....

    ...give another syntax error from 'nolock'... I need nolock selection, because at many times, without nolock, that query give me a deadlock situation...

    This problem ocorrer in ASE 12.x.x and SQL2005.

    Another thing. A query like this:

    SELECT [column] FROM [table1], [table2] NOLOCK WHERE [column] = '%'....

    ..I dont have problem.. Can I make a Alias and use nolock at a query???

    PSą: Sorry my english
    PS˛: my first post!!!

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    I was looking at sybase manual and the syntax command to that is:

    select [all | distinct] select_list
    [into [[database.]owner.] table_name]
    [from [[database.]owner.]{view_name|table_name
    [(index {index_name | table_name}
    [parallel [degree_of_parallelism] ]
    [prefetch size] [lru | mru])]}
    [holdlock | noholdlock] [shared]
    [,[[database.]owner.]{view_name| table_name
    [(index {index_name | table_name}
    [parallel [degree_of_parallelism] ]
    [prefetch size] [lru | mru])]}
    [holdlock | noholdlock] [shared]]...]

    [where search_conditions] ...

    Thank you, at all

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    Glad you found the syntax Hope you are using it for dirty reads and your SQL doesnt require any data integrity.

    For others benefits.

    holdlock is isolation level 3
    noholdlock is isolation level 1

    Dirty Nonrepeatable reads Phantom reads
    Level 0 yes yes yes
    Level 1 no yes yes
    Level 2 no no yes
    Level 3 no no no

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