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    Unanswered: Is Reorg needed after table LOAD?

    I have several tables where each night all the records are deleted and then data is loaded into the table from a text file. I am not sure if deleting records and loading data using the LOAD command would fragment the table or not. In a scenario such as this is there any point in doing a table reorg?

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    I assume you use LOAD REPLACE to archive delete & load.
    If the data is in clustering order in the text file, there is no need to do an REORG after the load.

    If the tablespace is defined with COMPRESS=YES , REORG provides a more effective compression than LOAD

    If the LOAD discards a lot of records ( eg. constraint violations, duplicate keys ... ) a REORG might be useful

    consider a REORG, too, if you use LOAD RESUME YES or LOAD REUSE YES.

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    you can check if reorg is needed with reorgchk command.
    Hope this helps,

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