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    Question Unanswered: Form with Tabs

    Let me begin with the fact that when it comes to writing script, I am a babe in the woods. I have a form with 5 tabs. I need a script that ensures that "Lease Number" (on the main form) is always showing at the top of the screen no matter what tab I click on. Can any of you experts out there assist me? I would be much grateful!!

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    The question is where is your Lease Number field stored and what is the recordsource for your main form?

    You need to tell us a little bit about how your main form and tables are setup. Is your main form's recordsource based on your main data table? If so, is Lease Number a field in your main data table? If not, why is it in each of the relational tables?

    Do your tabs have subforms in them which might be based on relational tables to the main data table?

    You won't need a script to show the Lease Number on the main form. You can set the sourceobject of a field on your main form to equal the Lease Number field wherever it's located.
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