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    Unanswered: questions about answer

    Hi, some questions is following:
    Which of the following can be used to determine the views that are a
    ffected by a DROP TABLE statement?
    (Select the correct response)
    A. DB2 Script Center
    B. DB2 Performance Monitor
    C. DB2 Control Center, Show Related
    D. DB2 Control Center, Sample Contents
    Some body told me the answer is B ,but i think the answer is C .Is it right ?

    When manually establishing communications from a Windows NT client
    through a DB2 Connect gateway to DB2 UDB for OS/390, which of the following i
    s NOT required to catalog?
    (Select the correct response)
    A. The client.
    B. The database on the DRDA server.
    C. The Database Connection Service database.
    D. The node where the DB2 Connect Gateway is.
    What about this question? The correct answer is A or B?

    Thanks any help would be great!

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    c-a would be correct I think
    Best Regards, Guy Przytula
    DB2 UDB LUW certified V6/7/8

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