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Thread: pdo error

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    Unanswered: pdo error

    I use php with h2 database at resin server that support php.
    I have a paging page that has a list af articles and I use a connection pooling for the database.
    The page seems to display ok at IE but at the log of resin the error "the object is already closed at etc." is displayed.
    Maybe the driver try to release this Statement object's database and JDBC resources and find that some object is already close.
    As I understant this error is here for a pdo prepared statement.
    My code that I see the error is like this
    $query="select count(*) as a from c where b=?";
    Is something wrong with this?
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    I'm confused, are you using Java or PHP, as the error ( indicates you're using Java somewhere.
    Also, what database system are you using? I'm not aware of a database called "h2".

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