I'm looking for an expert perl freelancer to help me fix some errors in an existing script.

The script is used to submit a website to thousands of directories, and since this is a process of around 1 hour, there are always timeout problems. It will always stop before fully end of the directories, sometimes it will stop around #120, sometimes #270, sometimes #400, etc, but never finish the 1000 directories, and few times can it finish more than 500 directories.

Since the script is run on a shared linux web hosting, we can't change anything of the server side to solve the timeout problem. The only way we can do is by redesign the script.

Other problems will like directory price selection, category crawlling, and only works for phpld directories, etc.

The planned process is, user will fill in website information at www.gtsee.com, and then direct to paypal, after successfully paid, will use the perl script to submit to thousands of directories here www.gtsee.com/directories.php.

The budget for this part time job is around $50, and shall be finish in 1 week. Daily communication about the programming status is required.

Interested, pm me or contact me at hhheng@gtsee.com.