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    Unanswered: Parallel queries and worker processes

    I had an issue recently in production. Recently we tested using the application a processes which scans and modifies many deals. The application uses transactions for this purpose. The specs on our UAT infrastructure are below that of production. But this process took 7 hours to run on UAT and 20 hours on production. This lead me to look into sybase configuration. ( Allocated memory e tc is same between the two boxes). My attention was drawn to the max parallel degree, worker process and max scan parallel degree atributes

    in UAT it is

    max parallel degree: 1
    worker processses : 76
    max scan parallel degree:1

    on prod it is

    max parallel degree: 1
    worker processses : 10
    max scan parallel degree:1

    Could the worker processes be the issue as to why the scan and modify ran so slow in PROD.

    Thanks for the help

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    The worker processes will not be used with parallel degree 1
    Is the amount of data the same?
    You'll have to find the problem (long running) query and compare show plan output. Maybe missing index or outdated statistics.

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    also turn on trace flags 302,307 and 310. It will give you indication of what the optimizer has chosen in terms of join order, selectivity, phy io etc

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