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    Red face Unanswered: ActiveX script cant recognise mapped drive/UNC path

    hi all,
    pls help.

    i have an activex script inside a dts package that read a mapped drive. that dts runs fine when executed interactively but failed when run via SQL job. the server is on windows NT and using MS SQL 2000.

    what the activex script does actually read a mapped drive on unix server. i suspect SQL job cant read mapped drive. so i changed to UNC path using syntax \\servername\sharefoldername\filename.txt but the job still failed.

    is SQL job running on win NT recogised UNIX mapped drive by the way? appreciate urgent help! big thanks!


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    Is the current windows user the same in both cases? (maybe a permissions issue?)
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    when logon to the server, i am log on as Administrator. if i run the dts individually, it runs ok even with mapped drive/UNC path-means can find the location of the file. but i am not sure under what id the server is using if the dts is run thru SQL job? (related to permission issue).

    the owner of the job is sa. when called the dts thru job step, i also use sa username.

    anymore helpful hints?

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