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    Post Unanswered: Subform sourceobject a table?

    I don't have a clue here. Usually this works like a charm.

    Through a small menu the user gets to import an excel shell, which is imported to a specific tablename.

    The menu has a subform. Once the sheet is imported I want to assign the newly imported sheet (that is, table) to the subform.

    sub_ima_match.Visible = True
    sub_ima_match.SourceObject = sdeg_tbl_ima (the name of the table)
    Setting it manual via the properties sheet works flawlessly, but through the code I simple get various errors. I'll post a few errors in a minute or so.

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    Your minute or so is up.

    I suspect the property expects a string, so try:

    sub_ima_match.SourceObject = "sdeg_tbl_ima"

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