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    Unanswered: convert standard select to loop input

    I have a standard select script that has an input option for student id and want to convert this sql to pl/sql with a loop for the input. My attempt for this caused the following error: PLS-00428: an INTO clause is expected in this SELECT statement.
    please help, this is my code.
    thanks is advance.
    stid number(9);
    stid := '&ssn_id';
    exit when stid is null;
    ncrbio1_ssn stssn, ncrbio1_full_name stname, ncrbio1_street ststreet,
    ncrbio1_city stcity, ncrbio1_zip stzip,
    ncrbio1_phone sttel, ncrbio1_qtrs stqtrs, ncrbio1_trs sttrs,
    ncrbio1_clks stclks, ncrbio1_clke stclke, ncrbio1_chs stchs,
    ncrbio1_che stche, ncrbio1_cgpa stcgpa, ncrbio1_vsat stvsat,
    ncrbio1_msat stmsat, ncrbio1_cppr stcppr, ncrbio1_cppm stcppm,
    ncrbio1_cppl stcppl, ncrbio1_maj stmaj, ncrbio1_adv stadv,
    ncrbio1_sex stsex, ncrbio1_race strace, ncrbio1_aid staid,
    ncrbio1_dom stdom,
    ncrbio2_course tcourse, ncrbio2_hours thours, ncrbio2_grade tgrade,
    ncrbio2_separater tsep
    ncrbio1_table, ncrbio2_table
    ncrbio1_ssn = '&ssn_id'
    and ncrbio1_ssn = ncrbio2_ssn(+)
    order by
    ncrbio1_ssn, tcourse;
    end loop;

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    This is a BAD idea on a couple of levels.
    If a problem can be solved using SQL, then PL/SQL should NOT be used.
    PL/SQL runs deep inside the database engine & has no mechanism to "accept input" directly from any remote client.
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