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    Unanswered: web resources

    Can anyone recommened a decent website for me to get MySQL syntax for procedures, functions etc with - importantly! - examples of code?

    I'm looking at the MySql online manuals but finding it tricky to translate their souless text into real words.

    Any good sites you may have used?

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    the mysql docs are all i use

    mind you, i'm not a dba, so i use the docs only for syntax, and not, for example, for performance tuning strategies | @rudydotca
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    Hi dave, if you give it some time the MySQL documentation will become less "soulless" the more you read. You should find examples inside the documentation on each page, as well as comments at the bottom from users experiences. If all else fails just look through some old posts here.
    What is it that you have a problem grasping, or are you just looking for further information/options on the syntax you already utilise?

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