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    Unanswered: Problem showing all records on web pages in MySQL

    I have recently updated to MySQL 5.0 using Navicat to manage and update content.
    I have very simple test table with two fields, testid and test, I have 6 records entered.
    Using an SQL query SELECT * FROM tbltest all records are returned, if I use the very same query on a web page (ASP) only 1 record is returned, once again the scripting is very simple and I have done it hundreds of time before, can't figure out why.
    I have done test with other tables, some show all records, some not, some just part of the records.
    Seems like a mistery to me, any idea what the problem could be? could a bug be causing this?

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    To display the results on the webpage you must loop through the resultset and write each and every record separately...

    Oh and avoid SELECT * whenever possible!
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