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    Unanswered: Display a popup rectangle with data when selecting cells in rows


    I am quite new to VBA and need help.

    The excel sheet I am working with involves two worksheets.

    WorkSheet 1 contains WHOIS look up data analysed from our webserver and looks like this:
    Col A: IP Address, Col B Name of Company etc etc

    Worksheet 2 contains the page access data and looks like this:
    Col A: IP Address, Col B: Page accessed

    At the moment I have created a macro on a button. When it is clicked I take the value of the current cell, switch to Sheet 2, filter Col A to the value. This works.

    But what I would like is this... when a person goes to any cell on a row, the Col B data on sheet 2 corresponding to the Col A value of current row is displayed in a pop up rectangle.

    For instance... User is selects a cell on Row 9, Sheet A. A9 contains value The pop up rectangle should show all values in Sheet 2-Col B where Sheet 2-Col A = value in Sheet1-A9. In other words: List Cells in Col B where A*=Sheet 1-Cell A9.

    I hope I have not confused people. I have attached a sample sheet.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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