Good Day, I expose my case because I already have 6 d? with the stopped data base and nonencounter soluci? nor support on the part of specialists in Venezuela. The case is the following one:

For day 05 of November of 2007, I am made a shutdown of the Servant, making as?na lowered manual of the data base.

When finishing operaci?de routine, when wanting to raise the data base did not do conexi? The provoked problem, is corrupci?de two tables of the data base Systables. and Sysboot.. Recomendaci?de the specialists is to make a Restor of the data base.

The Restor became of positive form, but when returning to try to connect God to us the following error: SQL0902c with I cosay of reason = 126., SQLSTATE 58005. Reason why it was possible to be observed in log of the data base, is observed gives? in the?ices.

Reorganizaci? is recommended to execute one the?ices. In this case as the data base cannot be connected and not this way offline, I execute the commando db2 rebuild you index, but this this taking 5 already d? ejecut?ose and without knowing to whatever m?durara. I request immense aid to them with this situaci?y to have if we have another one opci?que is but short. Adem? we worked with opci?db2dart /MI to invalidar the?ices of the 100 tables that appear with error in the file of I diagnose.

Warm Greetings,

Adrian Rivero M.