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    Unanswered: Create PIE/BAR Charts using DTS?

    Hi All,

    I'm using DTS in Sql Server 2000 for the first time, and would like to create Ad-Hoc reports with Pie/Charts and graphs. Is this possible in SQL Server/DTS, or would I need something like Cyrstal Reports?



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    DTS (Data Transformation Services) is an Extraction, Loading and Transformation tool (ETL). It is not a reporting tool.

    For creating reports with charts and such, you want to look at SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). It comes with SQL 2005, but under certain circumstances, it may require a separate license.

    Be forewarned, SSRS comes with a fairly steep learning curve.


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    I agree with the poster of the previous post. DTS is an ETL tool designed to provide a set of interfaces for the import, export and within reason, the manipulation of data relevant to either of these processes.

    Although DTS does provide support to invoke .VBS scripts and to call stored procedures and possibly other database objects, this functionality should be restricted for use to enhance the processes for which DTS is designed, import and export.

    To accomplish your goal, I would recommend using DTS to manage your ETL requirments and then invoking a specific API designed specifically to render your PIE Chart. This process would involve two steps, the first one being optional. First, a database transaction, encapsulated within a stored procedure, would be created to produce a report of the data that is to be used as input to the graphing function.

    The graphing functionality can be provided by any language or application. The decision will come down to what development languages your team is comfortable with, or what reporting packages the company has available. Two such packages that are quite popular in reporting are Business Objects and Microsoft Reporting Services.

    Another option of course, for the graphical rendering of the data, is to develop a simple graphing function in a high level language such as .NET and Java. Your process can then be developed in one of these languages to call a stored procedure, to process the result set, and then to pass the set to a custom written graphing routine.

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