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    New Member... Need some advice


    I would like to start out by saying hello to everyone, and that I also need some advice

    I'm trying to create an exercise/workout routine database (not to be used on the web) and I have absolutely no idea what program to use or what the hell I am doing. I was thinking that I should have questions in the form of a drop down menu (for example: what type of exercise do you want to do, how many repititions of that exercise per set, etc, etc.)

    Anyway, after you select all the drop down menu's it should tell you what workout routine with how many sets, reps, etc to do. is virtually what I'm looking to do (again, not web based though).

    Any help on what program to use, or any other information on the subject would be greatly appreciated.



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    Welcome to the forum!
    Sounds to me like MS Access may be a good place for you to start

    However, if you're planning on having more than 10-15 concurrent users then this will not be appropriate.
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    There should only be a maximum of about 5 concurrent users, so I'll go with your suggestion.

    Thanks a lot!

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