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    Exclamation Unanswered: VISTA SECURITY urgent

    I have a db app developed on xp access 2003. i use the access runtime package wizard to install the app on pc's without office or access installed.

    i used the setoption command to turn of record confirmations. (by default the runtime package sets them to true when you install the app and because it only installs the runtime it isn't possible to turn these off through the tools>options menu.

    i use the following code in a start up form.

    With Application

    .SetOption "confirm action queries", False
    .SetOption "confirm record changes", False
    .SetOption "Confirm Document Deletions", False
    End With

    the problem is for some reason this isn't working on vista pc's and i cannot allow my vba certificates to be trusted so every time i open the app i'm asked if i wish to trust myself.

    i also need to find out how to stop the "do you want to block unsafe" message every time the app is opened. again i'm only having trouble on Vista.

    good old microsoft again

    pro env: access 2000/2003, visual studio 2005

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    Welcome to the world of........VISTA.
    Things will probably work fine once Service Pack 32 is out (in my opinion).

    I think your best bet is to contact Microsoft or one of Billy's goons and ask them what gives. Good luck on that one.

    Check for the latest Access 2003 Service pack or Office Service Pack.

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    I wonder if you couldn't write some code to tap into and change the registry since it's setting are most likely stored there. Perhaps some code in MSAccess to change the registry, or in vb, or a vb script which would run after the installation. I'm not sure how difficult it is to tap into the registry in Vista though but I've done it with XP and 2000 using MSAccess, vb and vbscript.

    I personally like InstallShield for deploying MSAccess apps (I've even used Winzip) or a vb script as these allow me to control the installation process and running multiple executables. The MS Office Developer's Edition also has some very nice features for deploying apps which I'm assuming you have since then you're legit so to speak to deploy the Access run-time file. Otherwise it's a per-user MS Access license fee (I just know because at my last company, since we were closely monitored by the state, I had to go through this issue with Microsoft and ended up confirming it with 4 Microsoft individuals.) But most of the users typically have MSAccess installed (depending on the Office version) so it isn't usually an issue.
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