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    Unanswered: How to install ASE on linux command prompt?

    I want to install ASE 12.5 on linux but only using command prompt. I know the installation using graphical mode. But i want to try it using command prompt only.
    What is the procedur for it?
    I am using the CD for 12.5

    Please give me details for it and the factors which should be considered for it.

    Thanks and Regards

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    These are general steps, but read up the install documents in to have a full understanding

    1) Unload software to filesystem.
    2) Create sybase login/filesystem and copy binaries here.
    3) You can run command line in linux with srvbuildres. The software should come up with sample resource file. Do a find for "*.rs".
    4) Run srvbuildres -r
    5) Run srvbuildres -r

    You need to repeat steps3-5 for each instance.

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    start installation using setup -console ratherthan setup

    then it will run in character mode than in graphical mode

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