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    Unanswered: Querying Multiple Counts

    Can someone assist?
    (see screen shot of what is needed)
    I set up the Owner Rep so that users enter the release ID (i.e. R15) relative to the counts, which I would also like to show in the same query. Counts I would like to include: Total Release IDs (after user input), Status = Resolved, and Status = <> Resolved.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    I can do each of these individually, but seem to run into problems when trying to get multiple counts within one query, based on the Release input via user.

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    all those counts will be the same, assuming there aren't any NULL values in the columns

    please switch to the query's SQL view and paste it here | @rudydotca
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    I am certainly no expert, but I have had similar issues before, but find that I can do multiple counts like that in the same query by using an expression form. For instance,

    SIB Total: Sum(([SIB]=-1)*-1)
    SIBNoBSP: Sum(([HasBSP]=0 And ([SIB]<=-1))*-1)

    These are individual codes from my query. The -1 was just done so I could get a nice positive number. These codes are counting check boxes in case you wonder, but I am sure you get the point. Don't try and use the count function to count all those different variables, use an expression and an alias.

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