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    Unanswered: RMAN questions help

    ou set the recovery window to seven days and backup optimization to ON using the CONFIGURE command of RMAN. The most recent backup of the TOOLS tablespace to disk was taken on Jan. 3. The TOOLS tablespace is read-only.
    On Feb 21, when you execute a command to back up all the tablespaces to disk, you find that RMAN backs up the TOOLS tablespace also even through the contents of the tablespace have not changed after backup on Jan 3.
    Because there are no changes made to the TOOLS tbs, u decide that the tbs should not be abacked up by RMAN. WHat can you do to skip backing the TOOLS tbs without changing the current backup optimization setting?

    A. configure a default device for RMAN backups

    B. temporarily disable the retention policy for RMAN backups

    C. configure automatic channel allocation for RMAN backups

    D. use the CONFIGURE command to reconfigure the recovery window to 60 days


    You want the SQL Tuning Advisor to generate recommendations for badly written SQL statements in your development enviornment. Which three sources can you select for the advisor to analyze (Choose three)

    A. Top SQL
    B. snapshots
    C. SQL Tuning sets
    D. index access path
    E. optimizer statistics
    F. materialized VIEW LOGS

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