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    Unanswered: Pervasive SQL 8.6 Installation Source

    Hi there..

    Do you know where i can download the installation file for Pervasive..

    I have a valid licence key, and installation, but in the course of moving a server, I cannot find the original installation media for re-installing the program..

    I just need the msi... WHere can i get it..

    I have a copy of the program in full on my server, but i need to install it afresh on the other server and i just cant find the media.

    How do I get hold of the media?

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    It's not available any more. You might be able to call Pervasive and buy a new set of media. PSQL v8 is unsupported by Pervasive and none of the patches or install media is available for download. I don't even know about the legality of sharing an install.

    Have you considered upgrading to v9 (or v10)?
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