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    Router/Firewall/Proxy Question

    Hi, I'm pretty ignorant about computers, and I was hoping someone might be able to help.

    Problem: I have trouble connecting to a server.

    I am on a router for my family's internet. I have a static, not a dynamic connection set up (which is good). My computer is set to the (learned from Command Prompt: Ipconfig /all). My host server is the standard

    I can connect to the desired server with the telnet command recommended by tech support: telnet 6112

    However, my trace route test (in cmd prompt): > C:\tracert.txt

    Gets timed out (fails).

    And my nslookup test, also fails: nslookup > C:\nslookup.txt
    I get this "Can't find server name for Address Non-existent domain
    Default servers not available.

    If you can help, I am in your debt. Much thanks.

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    Not a Sweex is it?

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