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    Red face Unanswered: Access file problem... help!!!

    an access file shows that can't find (as it says) the object database!!!! & don't opens...
    the file is 3.5 mb and was working till yesterday just fine
    but today without no reason doesn't open...!!!

    i'm using access 2002

    any ideas???

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    what has changed in the intervening time?
    I don't understand that error message
    are you using linked tables.. ik so the link on one or more table may be damaged
    have you tried a compact & repair?

    if you are unable to open the db (try pressing the shift key to disable opening any form or doing any immediate processing), open access first , and then attempt to open the rogue file, then you may need to copy all the relevant data (tables, forms, reports, queries etc) into a new access file.

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    Red face

    thanks for the quick reply....

    this is the exact messages that shows...!!!

    "the microsoft office access database engine could not find the object "databases".
    make sure the object exists and that you spell its name and the path name correctly."

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    so what is the object 'databases'
    is it a directory
    is it a database called databases?

    my intepretation of that message suggests that Access cannot open a file or directory called databases. ie you are seelctign a shortcut that pointsd to an invalid filename or directory path.

    as said before it could be that you are using linked tables and you need to relink the tables.

    my guess is that you are probably missing a network share to a directory called 'databases' and as such Access cannot open a specified file

    so over to you
    what is "databases"
    what are the steps you are taking that are triggering this error
    what steps have you taken to try to resolve this error
    what has changed since you last used the db? (have your network trolls got a bit frisky overnight and tinkered with the server(s), or performed an upgrade of the office installation which has tonkered your settings)

    on eway of possibly resolving this error is to use Access the old way
    open access, then open a file rahter than opening a shortcut


    find the file you want to open using windows explorer and then select it.

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    If you can't get Access to open the data file, you may have to use the Microsoft Jet Compact Utility to repair the db.

    Also, ref this link for more info on Access database corruption and resolution, and, How to troubleshoot corruption in a Microsoft Access database.
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    It looks to me like you perhaps did a little DAO work here as in:

    Dim db As Database

    except perhaps you entered:

    Dim db As databases

    no can do.

    Start your database while holding down the Shift Key on your keyboard. Continue holding the Shift Key until the database is loaded. You should see the Database Window when finished. It the Window menu item and then select Unhide.

    Now open a code module so that you enter into the VBA IDE. Once the Debug menu item then Compile. It will show you where the error is. Correct it. Compile again....if there are any more errors then correct them as well.

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    It sounds to me like the System tables have been corrupted. I would create a new database, open the new database and import all of the objects from your old database.

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