Hi there,

For my final year project I have to create/redesign the results transcript system for students in my department. At the moment, the grades are stored in Excel spreadsheets, one for each of the four undergrad years. So to get a recent graduate's transcript, you'd have to look in four separate spreadsheets.

My client inputs the data into an Excel spreadsheet when he gets the results. He wants to be able to retrieve a full transcript, (automatically put into a word document), just by typing in the student ID.

I'm wondering what is the best way of organising the data, so that it will be easy for my client to input new data as it arrives, and which will facilitate easy retrieval?

I was thinking of making a mySQL database for all the results, and having some export system from excel to my database.

Does anyone have any good ideas? Maybe there's a much better way of doing it? Remember though, we're dealing with hundreds of students here, going back five years.

Any help appreciated,