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    Unanswered: database maintenance...

    Before I walked in the door of my company, they had maintenance jobs running on a daily bases. Recently, due to the increased work load and longer running batch jobs the mainenance jobs are starting to collide and cause (i.e. competing for same resources that they regular business processing and batch jobs need).

    I would like to run the maintanance jobs only on the weekends. I feel that it is overkill running them every day. They strongly disagree and feel that the maintanance jobs must run every day.

    What are your thoughts? Is it safe to run maint jobs only on weekends (i.e. update stats, checkdb, checkalloc, etc.)?

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    ys it is possible.
    but run update stat everyday if there are number of transaction on ur db.
    or u can schedule all in night.
    or take backup on separate backup machine and run all scripts there everyday. and on main server weekly

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    Check for your self if you really need to run update stats every day
    Save the output of optdiag and compare the results from previous runs
    If the distribution stats stay similar then you are just wasting your time
    Install dbccdb and use dbcc checkstorage instead
    Also consider copying the database to a 2nd (failover) database and run the dbcc checks on the 2nd instead.

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    great feedback... thanks :)

    We have the following commands running everyday...

    - dbcc checkdb
    - dbcc checkstorage
    - dbcc checkcatalog
    - update statistics
    - reorg

    Should we be running dbcc checkstorage only during the week and the rest on weekends?

    I agree with your feeback in using optdiag. This will be a wise way to better understanding the frequancy of running "update statistics".

    Great advice. Thank you both for the time you set aside.

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