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    Unanswered: How to print an Access report like this

    would like to ask your help for the following:

    I have to presnt data for Electrical Transformer's oil analysis. I need to produce reports as shown below:

    Transformer_ID: XXXX
    Date: 11/05/07 07/030/2005 04/06/06

    Category Component Amount Amount Amount

    Gas Co2 xxx xxxx xxx

    Metals Zn xxx xxx xxx

    I have main Tables for Analysis (this table has all the Categories), Transformer and Lab_Report.

    Currently I'm able to print report but showing only one date at a time and next dates shown downword as the pages follow. In fact I want date should be showing on the right side as I've shown above for the same Transformer.

    I'm making my current report from a Query. I think probably my Query is not done right. Please advise me if you have any moment. Thanks.

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    looks lijke you want a pivot chart, or a close relation. have a look at the chart wizard. then main issue I can see is going to be to make sure you have your data correctly marshalled (ie set up the query for the report int he right manner) before you attempt to invoke the chart wizard

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    There's also a neat example of a crosstab report in the code bank if you need to utilize a crosstab query.
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    Hi healdem:

    Thanks a lot for taking the time. My query is set up for a select query and apprently it pulls all the data i need, it prints downwards for a different date for the same Transformer. Results expected to be shown by amount by each different dates columnwise. I mean I have to print the "Amount" as many times as different "Dates".

    I haven't tried the Pivot table idea yet. I thought try a bit of Cross Tab query. In fact I wasn't able to produce the "Amount" column multiple times on the same page. Let me try with your ideas...

    Thanks again.

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