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    Angry Unanswered: Problem with mapimes control

    My vb application works on terminal server. I use Mapi control for receive
    scaned documents by e_mail and there are three users who are using
    that control. There is Outlook express installed. It works fine until about
    30000 documents received and than appears " -217====== Multiple step
    operation generated error" . In that case terminal server administrator opens a new user for terminal server with that mail account. Are there same help ?
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    Where is the error being generated? In a VB app? If yes, showing us the code where it happens would help.

    What are you doing with the scanned docs when you receive them? Storing them on a server, and storing the path name in a database? Storing the documents themselves in a database?

    If you are using VB (my assumption, since this post was posted to a VB forum,) what version of VB is it?
    .Net? VB6? VBA?
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