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    Unanswered: transaction log and connection time

    I'm using DB2-UDB 8.1 on Windows

    I'm in a migration process of my application and, apparently, the provided scripts are not written for my data size.

    Due to DB2 8.1 DDL limitations, it's necessary to recreate the main part of my tables and insert data from a copy.

    To be able to do that, I'm still using the option NOT LOGGING INITIALLY... it seems to work.

    Now I've a trouble with a big UPDATE. I still generated a transaction log space of 30 Gb, but it's still not sufficiant. Isn't it possible to "skip the log" for a specific transaction ? What is the normal sizing of a circular log for a db smaller than 20 Gb ?

    Other question : my machine rebooted and is now restarted. MY DB2 instance seems to work, but trying to connect to the impacted db, the connection seems to freeze for more than 2 hours. It is caused by the recovery process ?
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    Try using the LOAD utility instead on INSERTing the data.

    You could turn off circular logging by turning on archive logging, but this may not fix you log size issue.

    It is highly possible that DB2 is in crash recovery after the reboot, and that is why you cannot log in right away. Things you should do: before reboot issue "db2stop". And backup the DB at least once a day.


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