Although this is a commercial message, I think, it is quite on-topic in this thread.

I wrote -- and am selling (or trying to) a Sybase backupserver plugin, which allows dumps to be sent to a command line, rather than a file.

I hope, this forum of people, who are no strangers to shell scripts, will realize the potential...
For example, a direct (and synchronous!) transfer of a database from one server to another becomes possible - at the end the databases are guaranteed to be the same, even if the source has changed since the transfer started.

With sizeable databases waiting for the dump (to a file) to complete before processing it is not an option -- it takes too long and/or takes too much space. The use of named pipes is the only alternative, but is unreliable and requires compression.

Use it to encrypt the DB before data hits the disk, to compress multiple stripes utilizing CPUs of multiple computers, to send the dump directly to an off-site backup, etc.

And if you are a frequent contributor to this and other technical forums, you may qualify for a free license. I'm hoping, you'll be impressed enough to spread the word around.

Thanks for your interest, if any...