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    Unanswered: printing image/picture in 4gl report

    hi, im quite new in Informix...
    currently im try to print an image file to 4gl report, can i do so and what are the syntax?
    Im been searching the forum and none of them seem can help
    Using Informix IDS v10 on AIX platform.
    hope some one can help, thanks in advance

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    4GL use the Print Service of SO. On linux is ldp or cups, i don't know which is the print service in AIX, i guess that will be ldp).

    Talk with you SO Administrator... or look for :
    man lpd
    man lp
    César Inacio Martins
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    Hi, have you tried the
    PRINT FILE "fullpathname/filename"
    I've only done this with textfiles, but the INFORMIX-4GL Reference Manual implies that it can be used for other filekinds as well.


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    I tried something similar some time ago. I used the print to file option in windows to get the output that is send to the printer in a file. If you send this file to the printer, it will generate your image. Then you can use Tyveleyn's recomendation about PRINT FILE , or you can load the file to a blob field and then print that.
    It worked for HP printers

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