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    Unanswered: append date to exporting file name in SQL reporting service

    When exporting a report to another format, say excel,PDF; the file name is always set to the report name. Our client has a requirement where whenever a user exports a report to pdf, the timestamp of when the data of the report was made should be appended in the filename. Is there a way to do this in Reporting Services ?

    example : Report name : Testreport

    Exported file should be : Testingreport-November-22-2007.pdf

    please help me in this


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    I would suggest placing the timestamp inside of the report.
    ie. "Report was generated November 22 2007 11:01am".
    This way the client cannot change the "report date".

    Because it is a PDF and thus you won't be editing the document you can sort it by "Date Modified" in explorer if you want to sort the files.

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