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    Unanswered: PHP and HTML

    Hello all,

    I actually program with Java and am new in PHP. I am going to create a database for online dictionary and my question is:

    which is better to use with PHP for creating database: MySQL or ODBC?
    Or shall I use any other programming language for more efficiency?

    Thank you for your help, waitinggggggg,

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    PHP will work with almost any database. I always work with Oracle, so I don't know about the performance with other DBs. I had an experience with SQL Server 2005 + ASP, and also Oracle + ASP, and I did notice a big performance difference. Oracle is much faster. Still, I think you should do fine with PHP + MySQL.

    Best regards.

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    Program with whatever you are comfortable with. You will find the nuances easier to deal with that way. As for databases, again it comes down to preference. As much as I would LOVE to get into Oracle I find myself working with MySQL a lot, and never have a problem with speed (so long as you know your SQL )

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    PHP with MySQL is an ideal combination when you are concern about efficiency of your application.
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