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    Unanswered: TSM db2qadutl grant failed


    I get the following error message using TSM and granting permission to dbuser1 and node mynode for an already backed up database of another dbuser2.

    db2adutl grant user dbuser1 on nodename mynode for db dbuser2

    Warning: Permissions granted on backup image files only.
    Unable to find log files to add permissions to. At least one log
    file must exist to grant access to logs for this database.

    Any idea?


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    Does the logarchmeth1 for already backed up database set to TSM? Message is saying it cannot find any logs archived by TSM.

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    There is only one offline backup that was registered in TSM. I guess there is no log required.

    The backup was issued as follow:

    db2 backup database MYDB use tsm open 3 sessions with 4 buffers buffer 1024 parallelism 20 UTIL_IMPACT_PRIORITY 10 without prompting

    The logarchmeth1 is set to OFF.
    but... why TSM needs to have already some backups registered to allow granting permissions?

    thanks (sorry newbee in DB2)

    sorry I forget to tell: DB2 v9 on linux

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