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    Unanswered: MS Sql Server User ID, Password and connection string

    I am making a software (.Net) which is going to connect a ms sql server but I cant conect yet .

    1- I dont know what I have to type for user id (name)
    2- What is my password, it has been long time that I hvae installed it but I dont need any password with Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express which has windows authentication option. My software can work via internet or network. So I need to know my user name and password. I am using oledbconnection. Do I need any password?
    3- I visited already so I have the format of it.

    Thanks very much for any help...
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    on the wrong server
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    you need to either use your windows account and use the example from connection strings dot com that uses windows auth or you need to go to SQL Server management studio to create a sql server login and password and you will need to give that account access to the specific database you are accessing.

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