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    Unanswered: Make-table queries

    I'm trying to create a form that returns results of a query and then lets the user enter alternate values, such as prices, to see the differential to the bottom line. I tried creating a make-table query, which outputs the original results in table form and lets them enter other prices. I was wondering if there's any way to automate another query then on the created table so that it shows the differential with new values.

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    yo may need to rework your question a hair, an example would sure help me understand what you're going for.
    From what I think I see, you want to show a transaction from the past, let's say I sold 1,000 widgets. Then you want to be able to see what happens if I drop the price of a widget by 2 cents but raise shipping by 5 bucks.
    If I'm right so far, you just need to have some fields that are not connected to the control source for me to indicate the changes in (there are quite a few ways to do that, technically speaking). Then you have some fields that show the results of my changes.
    Like I said, if you can draw a picture for us or do a quick little mock up, it would be helpful.

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