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    Unanswered: Mail merge problem - splitting records to different pages

    I'm trying to create Graduation Documents, via a mail merge in Word, for a school, with some difficulty.

    I have attached a screenshot of the Access query upon which the mail merge is based. I have also attached a PDF document which shows the data source.

    The Access query, which includes a StudentID field, is sorted by one student's record at a time (i.e. with a specific StudentID entered in that query field). So, when looking at the PDF document, you will see that the list of subjects is a list of subjects studied by one student only (in this instance, StudentID #1)

    The problem we're facing is this: as shown in the PDF, we need to fit TWO subject comments (obviously applicable to one student) to each page of the Word document. Of course, there appears to be no way of telling the mail merge that, after it has sourced the first row of data, it needs to source the second row for the second section (highlighted) in red...and so on.

    If we found a solution to this annoying problem, then it SHOULD mean we can remove the StudentID value from the query and thus merge all student records into the one document, ordered by student and then by subject.

    Can anybody help with this? Thank you!

    P.S I know we could probably create a report for this in Access if absolutely necessary, but it isn't preferable as school management would ideally like the final document in Word format.
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    I think the question your asking is, how do I mail merge so that more than one record shows up on a page. In which case, I might go ahead and say, do it in an access report, then just export the product to Word (rtf) using the OutputTo method.

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