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    Unanswered: exporting the data from oracle to mysql steps ?

    Wanted to export the data sittiing in oracle to mysql database .

    Q 1> Is it possible on Oracle ?/ withot third party tool

    Q 2> If Yes what are the steps.. ?


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    How large is your Oracle database?

    I don't know what tool is available in MySQL to IMPORT data into it; I *hope* there is a way to load a CSV file. If so, you might try with creating CSV files from Oracle database (either SPOOLING a SELECT statement result or using UTL_FILE) and load them into MySQL. This approach wouldn't require any 3rd party tool.

    However, CSV file does NOT containt CREATE TABLE / INDEX / CONSTRAINT /PROCEDURE / ... statements - you'd have to do it using some other way (you didn't say whether you need to do that or not; perhaps MySQL already contains those tables, but they are empty) (research DBMS_METADATA package).

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    hi thanks for the reply

    - My Oracle database is around 3GB.

    - wanted to create the tables / all objects as it is in Oracle db in to mysql (migrate) for the application any suggestion how to go ahead what i understood is there is a way to load the csv file (spooling the data) what are the exact steps for doing so ?will it create the tables/sp's /all objects as well?

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    What happens to Oracle datatypes which do not exist within MYSQL?
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