I'm trying to merge data from a database into a Word document (it really has to be a Word document, not an Access report, as it's too late in the proceedings to change anything drastically).

I previously made a post about needing to merge two different records from the mail merge data source into ONE page - so, two different sets of teacher comments for one student's report needs to be merged onto one page.

I've been investigating on the net and found out about Toggle Field Codes...I followed the instructions applicable to the NEXT RECORD function (I know it works when using labels) but for some reason when I use it, all I get is the first record (e.g. a comment for Biology) and then the next section, where my next subject (Chemistry) should be, is completely blank.

Is there an official, or better way, to do this? I know this problem overlaps from an Access issue to a Word issue, but I hope it's closely enough related that somebody can help, as I'm about ready to pull my hair out.

Thank you!