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    Unanswered: Emailing from MS ACCESS

    Hi - I'm a relative newbie at using MS ACCESS. Does anyone know if there is a simple and easy way of sending out a text email from MS ACCESS to all members in a database. I have a database that maintains personal profiles of all customers, to include names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. I would like to be able to create an email notice and have it emailed to all customers in my customer database that have an email address. If so, the follow-on question is - "how do you send email notices to only customers that meet a certain criteria (e.g. new customers), based on query results?

    Any help anyone can provide would be much appreciated.

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    Sure; some good info here:

    In order for a query to only pull new customers, there would have to be some way for it to identify which were new. Presuming there is, you can restrict the email any way you want.

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    If you're using Word and Outlook, it's easy. Just set up an email mail merge document that connects to your database. It's really straight forward.

    While I haven't tried using a field to filter on within a mail-merge, I have noticed that there are options to do that so if you have a flag field in your dbase, you should be able to filter as you need.

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